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They are intented for all types of martial arts and mega active training. Are made of strong cloth — polyester wich lasts slightly. It isn`t necessary to iron the shortst after the washing. The product is steady against faiding and is good washing off. On the each side in the bottom of the shorts there are сuts due to wich the movements aren`t hold down. Between legs there is an elastic insert that allows to do even the acrobatic exercises. There is high quality double fastener-flypaper that is counted for 10000 clasping. For sewing this product we use the technologies and clothes that make our sport wear comfortable and of high quality:

High quality polyester that slightly streches provides the durability of the product. Material is ultralight, don`t hold down the movements that allows to wear this model even in summer heat, on the beach.

Excellent aired qualities of the product

Softness and comfort

Antibacterial – It`s used the cloth with special antibacterial impregnation, that kills the bacterias and inteferes the appearance of unpleasant smell.

Heavy-duty elastic thread — it`s used very thin thread, but it has high level of wear resistance.

Sublimation print - It allows to get exact, bright and saturated images that aren`t probed, steady to wear resistance, atmospheric influence, washing and ironing.

Double high quality fastener-flypaper
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